Change – Are we willing to allow the Spirit to change us?

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One thing is certain, and that is change. We move, others move away, some decide to fall away, we grow older, and our bodies wear out a little more every day. Our surroundings, even if we’ve lived in the same house for years, change. Moth, rust and decay are ever present in this world under the curse from the garden.
You and I, we in the flesh, are under that curse too. But, if we are born again, from above, our spirit is made alive by His Set Apart Spirit, and that part of us is no longer under the curse, in that we will never die, but are awaiting a metamorphosis – a change in the twinkling of an eye, when we put off these mortal, decaying bodies and put on incorruptible bodies that will last through eternity. But that means change now!
We must change! Change due to the curse will happen to our fleshly bodies, but there is change that must continue in our hearts, and is reflected by our actions, as we hear His Voice, and choose to worship Him in obedience, as He brings His Torah to our minds, as He has written it on our hearts. He, if we submit, will cause us to walk in Torah, by faith/belief, and thereby be constantly in the process of change, as the Apostle Shaul/Paul, writes to us.
2Co 3:14  But their minds were hardened, for to this day, when the old covenant is being read, that same veil remains, not lifted, because in Messiah it is taken away.
2Co 3:15  But to this day, when Mosheh is being read, a veil lies on their heart.
2Co 3:16  And when one turns to the Master, the veil is taken away. Exo 34:34.
2Co 3:17  Now Yahweh is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of Yahweh is, there is freedom.
2Co 3:18  And we all, as with unveiled face we see as in a mirror the esteem of Yahweh are being transformed into the same likeness from esteem to esteem, as from Yahweh the Spirit. -ISR 1998
But we don’t like change. We like it to all be as it has always been. We don’t like the fork in the road. We want to cruise on the wide, flat highway. choose-your-pathBut it cannot be. Change overtakes us, whether we like it or not. But to embrace change, and allow change, especially the change that comes from the work of the Set Apart Spirit, in and through us, brings peace, hope, and expectation. To resist change is to resist abundant life, and could be an indicator that we won’t inherit eternal life.
Flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of Yah – it will not enter into heaven. And now we are in the process of being made ready, being set in order, being prepared for the day to come, and it will come.
What we have before us, today, is a choice. We can settle for empty religion that is founded in lies, and practices the ways of the pagan, or we can return to the ancient path of Torah, in Messiah Yahshua. We can begin to guard the Sabbath Day, the 7th Day, and to guard and do the other Moedim/Appointed Times of Yah, as outlined in Leviticus 23. You see they are the feasts of Yahweh. Christmas, Easter, Sunday Sabbath, are inventions of man, inspired by the adversary, Satan. We each have a choice. Change is set before us. May we choose wisely.